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Publications in various online & offline magazines about the Future of Mobile Technologies (and some of them came true) & Interface Design.

Urdu bits:

This is how my story begins. I was blessed with my first born, a beautiful daughter, in June 2008. On this special day, my Bhaijan, a close relative who is like a father to me, gave me an important piece of advice:

“Apnay bachoon ko apni madr-e-zaban sekhana – agar nahi sekhai tu future may tum chahaye 10,000 dollars bhi kharach karo gay tu kuch hasil nahi hoga, aur wo apni zaban asi nahi sekh sakaingay jaysay tum bachpan may sekhao gay”.

(If you don’t teach your children their mother tongue, then in the future, even if you spend 10,000 dollars, you won’t achieve anything, and your children will never learn Urdu the way they would have learnt it if you would have taught them when they were younger.)

My Bhaijan has been my guardian, coach and mentor since the death of my beloved father. Hence, his advice means the world to me, and I have always kept it close to my heart. My Bhaijan believes that culture is strongly associated with language, and we ought to do as much as we can to teach our young ones our language. In keeping that promise to myself, I worked on a couple of Urdu Apps for iOS (no further development), while wholeheartedly supporting the cause of Urdu on iPhone. I wrote a couple of blog posts and also wrote letter to Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive and got their response. Read the details here:

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Print Publication

The Future of Mobile Technology & Impact (print-media)
Magazine: Silicon Valley Business Ink

Fiction from the Future (print-media) & Dawn of Digital Decade (print-media)
Spider Magazine, Pakistan