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Mudassir Azeemi

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based Interaction Designer. My zen moments are when I go out camping or hiking or gardening. They help me understand and appreciate creativity from a grassroots perspective!

I started my career as a Software Architect, then after I heard the user experience guru, Debora Adler, at MIX 2009, I acquired my first bit of experience working as a Software Architect + Interaction Designer at AMB Inc (acquired by Prologis).

While working there as a full-time employee for the purpose of exploring the depths of the user experience profession, and as a learning experience, I started Qurtaba LLC, and produced 5 successful apps for the Urdu Language audience. Apart from iPhone apps, I also developed Windows Phone 8 apps known as Pixl and Vixl which received some amazing accolades. 

My passion for learning user experience and the advancement of the Urdu language in the digital world led me to develop one of the most successful apps in Urdu language history known as Urdu Writer. Urdu Writer made Urdu language possible on the iPhone, and with some annoyance with the Urdu typography, I wrote a letter to Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, and guess what? They heard me, and implemented the beta version of that typography, although it is still in beta version – all experiences that led to where I am today. In iOS 11, Apple finally adopted the Nastaleeq typeface for Urdu Language. 

Today, I work as a full-time user experience designer for the largest bank in the US, Wells Fargo. My day-to-day job includes building the Responsive (Mobile) Design Framework for Wells Fargo's Commercial Electronic Offices, as well as acting as the UX liaison for the bank. And to win my heart, all you need is to take me on a hiking trip and a hot cup of Pakistani Chai!